Saturday, November 5, 2011

Orienteering Day Two

It was such a nice day out today, I went down to Salt Fork for a little off piste time and compass work.

I've had a stomach bug for Thursday and Friday so did not work out-and managed to lose two pounds.  However I would not suggest this route for anyone's weight loss.

I felt okay on Saturday, so I donned my backpack, new pants, and headed to Salt Fork with the compass.
My husband suggested one hour out, one hour back, and that sounded good to me.

All I was doing was following the compass due east; then turn around and follow it due west.

I could tell from the climbs that I still didn't feel that great physically.  It was cool being off the trail and kicking it through the leaves all by myself.

On my way out, I managed to get on the ridgeline, so I didn't have that much ascent/descent, but coming back I went a little farther south and got in some much better climbs.

A beautiful early afternoon in the woods.

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