Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quad Shreddage

My legs have taken quite the beating the last seven or eight days.  I've had the residual tightness and soreness in my quads since Sunday, since Slim Pickins.
It has not gone away with a climbing session on Tuesday, and then a good hilly 10K on Friday.
So for my long run  Saturday, I planned on running the  BigFoot loop once, then running adlib after that.

The Bigfoot Loop is pretty sloppy with mud right now.  My right quad started hurting with a twinge about 8 miles through the loop.

I finished the Loop-well I got back to mile 9 or so, where the Bigfoot course turns back toward the Lodge, and then I merrily took off on  the Red Shadebush Trail. Which took me to the Campground Road, where I took the Green Connector Trail, back over to to my "traditional" purple Bridle Trail.

The Purple Bridle Trail, which I have not been on in months, has still not improved. Meaning it's muddy and slow going in many places.

I did not fuel myself properly on this run, and I could have used an S! Cap or two, considering the weather was around 60 degrees.  I didn't care.  I was so happy to be on the trails, in sunshine, peeling layers off, that the quad issues didn't start to really bother me until about mile 14 or 15.

Then they really started to ache!

I actually ran into two runners on my way back to the Lodge-Bigfoot 50K runners from Zanesville, previewing the course. We chatted about the course and mud, and I wished them well, and finally got back to the Lodge.

Very pleasantly tired after 4.5  hours on the trail. But it was of those situations where I 'could not'  not take advantage of the morning on the trails!

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