Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Recovery Run

I need to revisit my mileage on my little 11 mile loop around the block.  I was at mile two or so, when I did "not feel the love" out there on the run today. So I thought, if I cut off one side road, I could complete my loop in about 8 miles vs 11 miles.  Apparently, my side road isn't that long, since cutting off the road still had me finishing 10.9 miles (vs 11.7 miles.)

It was a recovery run, and a beautiful day outside! Too bad my body didn't feel that way! I did take Monday and Tuesday off, from working out. I even slept in on Tuesday, getting maybe 9 hours of sleep or so.
But the body wasn't feeling it on this gorgeous Wednesday.

I decided to run my loop backwards, as it was a lollipop design, the last two four miles kind of my out and back.  This is more of the "uphill" and I walked all of it. Not that fast.

Ran the flats and the downs, and avoided the side road, thinking this would give me several less miles.
Finally got to the top of the ridge, and started on the big downhill, about a mile of downhill. Now the quads were complaining..I couldn't catch a break!

Back on the out and back, 'flat like' section, the hamstrings and calves were complaining that I did not follow through on the promised stretching.  I again promised to do better with this..

Only one dog jumped the creek and slowed me down, and  I gave directions to two elderly ladies in a car where Taylor's Orchard was located..glad for the stoppage.

I was amused to see my loop, minus the side road, was 10.9 miles. When I checked my log for the longer loop, it was only 11.7 miles, so my side road doesn't add that much mileage on.

It was a great day to be outside, blue skies and sunshine.  My run kind of sucked, but that didn't bother me. It tells me I still haven't recovered from my 6.42 hours of mud on Sunday. At least I got out there and got moving.

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  1. Without the kind of sucky runs, we'd never feel the exhilaration from those amazing runs.


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