Saturday, December 31, 2011

Monkey Hills Marathon Report

This is just a repost from the NEO TC News Blog! “Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.” -Doug Larson

The Monkey Hills Marathon is a very simple premise.  Run the 0.9 mile section of trail that has been christened the Monkey Hills, for a total of 29 laps, to make a marathon.

3 Hills on the course, 6 climbs per lap.  6 x 29= 173 climbs.

452 feet of gain per lap, so 452 X 29 = 13,108 feet of gain.

Mike Dobies, the genius who dreamed up this idea, was also smart enough to not attend the MHM for the second year in a row.

It was dark at 6 am, so I had the light on my head. I climb the last hill at the north end of the loop, and begin to run, and then WHAMMMO! I hit the tree branch and fall on my ass.

Yes, I ran head on into this branch. It hurt quite badly, and for a brief moment I was scared my day of running was over. And all this in the first loop! The pain subsided, and I gingerly got up, and continued down the trail. At least I didn't damage my light.

With this very short loop it was easy to see the other runners-the early starters were Jim, Bob, Jonathan, and Erin. The trail at first was slick and greasy, and I thought for sure it would deteriorate as the day went on, with the myriad of runners on the trail.

It began to snow after the sun came up

and the wind increased. This actually seemed to help the footing on the trail; the mud dried out a bit.

Running-if you could call it that-this was more like climbing a marathon was simple. It was easy to step into the zen and be a little startled to see Scooby passing me yet again. (He passed me alot!)

Dan Kuzma showed up, and the time passed more quickly with him. Erin, Dan and I stayed together for quite a few loops, chatting the entire time.

Todd "Cheesburglar" Hanks showed up at 1pm with the promised fast food, and the cheeseburger tasted pretty good!

But around this time, I hit my low spot of the day. I was slowing way down. I was also wet on the top, and starting to get a good chill. I made a trip over to my car and changed my entire top, which did help.

I did not eat and drink properly for this effort, despite passing the aid station twice on the loop. The short distance made it deceptively easy to think, yeah, I will grab a cookie next time through... I should have actually been eating more and drinking more.

We were keeping track of our splits on the clipboard at the Happy Hill Aid Station
and it was good to start actually noting what lap I was on.

Bob and Slim joined me for their last few loops, and then Todd accompanied me for my last two loops, so the end of the Monkey Hills Marathon did not suck as bad as I thought it would. I cheerfully said goodbye to the tree that tried to take me out, way back in the beginning of the day.

I finished first female-or first broad, whatever, and also DFL. 10 plus hours for a marathon? Believe it. I was just beat. I have not been that tired from a run in a long time!

There were four finishers from the December 28 MHM, which brings the entire MHM finishers to five. Slim is the only runner idiot to have repeated the marathon effort. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I hate them! And you shouldn't make them! And every blogger out there is saying the same thing, blah blah blah! So I won't say any more!

I don't really make resolutions, I set goals. And I set them all the time, I don't wait for an arbitrary number to turn to "one" to do so.

But I do have two resolutions, if they must be called that, this year, and I can use the start of the new year to begin them.

I want to write more, and write better. My blog writing has not been up to what I would like it to be.  Many times that is due to time constraints, or simply when I have the time the writing muse is not upon me. I bought a small netbook to try and do some writing, but it may be easier just to put pen to paper.

The other resolution is to read all the half-read and unread books on my Kindle before buying more! This interferes with the other resolution I have, but I am a reader. With many unread books bought and half forgotten. So, no more new books until I have read the ones already bought!

SO, two resolutions, or goals. Small, and achievable. Measurable.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

2012 Training Plan

As presented in MS Paint:
I have my 2012 training plan basically set up.

There is no need for me to stay up late tonight, getting ready to submit my Barkley Essay. I am not entering the Barkley lottery this year, due to getting into Hardrock.

Fatass January 1; 50K distance or less, depending how my legs feel recovered from the Monkey Trail Marathon three days earlier
January 6: 4.6 birthday miles. Yes, that is all. I work on my birthday, and want to have a nice dinner after I get off work. So I shall get up early and run! to get my FA miles in for the 2012 edition of the KOTM contest.

January 14: MMT Training Run #1-  This is the first 32 miles of the MMT 100 Course, from Carolina Furnace to Elizabeth Furnace.  I also plan on getting some Sick Jimmy Virginia miles by travelling down one day early
BT FA January 29-may or may not attend. This is the traditional, now mainly underground Buckeye Trail FA, held on the traditional last Saturday in January

February is a big training month. I hope the weather cooperates with my plans and lets me get my two long runs in.
TWOT-There is a little known event in Virginia, the The Wild Oak Trail, affectionately know as "TWOT".  This is four loops of TWOT, 25 miles each.   You are entirely self supported on this endeavour.
Reverse Ring-A favorite run on the MMT trail, all 71 miles.  But this is in the counter clockwise direction, so Signal Knob does not suck; but you get 25 miles on your own, in the dark on the east side of the mountains.

 I do not have much planned long run/race for March.  NEO TC Covered Bridge FA will be this month, but we have not decided on the event location yet.

I would hope to get in at least a 50K on the CB FA weekend.


Another month with no long run/race planned for the month.

 I do have one weekend of volunteering, "Forget the PR" 50K is April 15, so I will be working both weekend days for that.

For March and April, I do plan, weather permitting, to get over to the Laurel Highlands Trail and run the G28X2; this is our mile zero to mile 8 out and back-twice. It will net about 7000 feet of elevation gain, and the closest simulation to MMT trail as we can get without going to Virginia.


Back to Massanutten!!!  This time it's a training run!  Almost said in jest, but it actually is very good prep work for the Hardrock.  I love the MMT trail.  It's tough, and just ridiculous and absurd with the rocks.
This year I will be running solo, no crew, no pacer, no headphones.  I was thinking about a crew before the HR lottery; after I got in that idea went right out the window.  I need to do this race all by myself.


June will be about recovering from MMT.  The only race I may do would be the Laurel Highlands 50K in June, and that's just a thought at this time.


Hardrock -for folks that just read my blog, they might not know that this is my "dream race".  Alot of newby ultrarunners gravitate toward Western States as their big dream race to get into; after I saw Klas Eklof's pic of the Hardrock course,  that was it. I was smitten.  The beauty and the grandeur of the mountains. WS?  Nope.  I wanted to run Hardrock.
No problemo.  Bob Combs told me I could run HR, but I would have to finish MMT first.
(You have to run a "qualifying" 100 trail race in order to enter the lottery for HR.)
So several years go by, and the time is finally right for me to train and complete MMT in 2011.
And then I get into Hardrock, on one lottery ticket. And, voila, there I am, Hardrock 2012!!

The Rest of 2012:
I am signed up for the 50 Mile Race at the North Country Trail in Michigan at the end of August. This is my only scheduled race, and I haven't thought really any farther than Hardrock and this 50 mile race.

So that is my 2012 Plans! Time to get training!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Taking Advantage

I try and plan my workouts about one week in advance.  I look at my work schedule, see what different shifts I work, and what week day I am off.  I then take in consideration the family life, what my husband may want to do on my week day off. Last consideration is overview of the weather for the week.

Today was supposed to be a gym day, I was going to climb for one hour before work. But looking at the weather forecast yesterday, I promptly eschewed that idea.  The temperature was 46 degrees this morning, so I went for the 10K around the block.

It was a quiet gray morning. No Scooter the dog or the Gump dogs out and about.  I saw a few gray squirrels and one young Amish farmer.

I ran my loop about 3 minutes faster than normal.  I pushed it on the downhills a bit more, taking advantage of another mild day in Ohio to enjoy the outdoors.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A WW Funny

WW sends me an email, inviting me to assess my weekly Activity Points. 

I click on the link, and it has my current weight, and then wants me to plug in my minutes of activity for the week before.

I'm really not that awake yet, but I do remember about 4 hours at URINEO, I did my 10K loop at least twice, and I think I ran 11 miles around the block. So, let's just say 10 hours or 1000 minutes.

The WW program won't accept 1000 minutes.

It finally accepts 500 minutes.

It tells me: "What this means: Great news, you're currently reaching your Weekly Activity PointsPlus goal!"

While I really do believe in the WW program, it does a better job for helping sedentary folks out rather than the high performance athlete.

Which, now as I sit here and type, might be my stagnation of not losing weight the last two weeks.

I may not be eating enough to offset the calorie burn. 

I think this weeks goal is going to be try and stay OP-on plan-and journal both food and activity level.

With Christmas festivities, I'm sure the food points will be far higher than the activity points.

But I need to get back into the habit of journalling.  I do have a goal of 10 lbs to lose by February.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Run

I probably got out in the nicest time of the day for my run.

 It was still blue skies as I started out.

I brought the camera in order to take a picture of Scooter the Dog.  He seemed to be somewhere else today.

The cow seemed to be interested.

Amish haystacks

Legs felt a bit tired on this 10K.  Tomorrow is a rest day due to working an extra work day this week.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My History of URINEO

Wow, how does time fly.
I've been attending URINEO (Ultra Runners In North Eastern Ohio) since 2006.

2006 was a big year of mileage.  (Not for me!)

This was the 50 Mile Group:
Jim Harris 10:28
Dave Peterman 11:55
Frank Dwyer 12:07
Dan Kuzma 13:01
Mike Dobies 13:01
Bill Losey 13:01
Bob Combs 13:01
Brian Musick 14:15

I got in 16.6 miles, and I believe this was the year I slipped and fell. Yep, here's the post: "On this section, I hit a patch of ice, slipped, got a foot on solid dirt, then the other foot came down on more ice, and WHAM!!! I slipped, legs in the air, landing on my back. My water bottle,which was in the small of my back, kind of melded into my body, which was pretty painful.

I stayed there for a couple of seconds, pretty stunned and hurting. Then I rolled over to my knees—anything broke? No. Well, maybe my right middle finger, but if that was all, that was okay. Everything seemed to be working. I got up to my feet and slumped over a big rock, I was pretty shaky. Wasn’t able to move from there for a bit. Some hikers walked past me and I snapped out of it. 

Okay, forward motion and see how you feel. My head felt a bit funny and I felt my eyesight seemed weird-did I hit my head when I went down? I couldn’t remember. I took my hat off to see if there was dirt on the back of it. No, no dirt, maybe I was just shook up. I walked for quite a bit, and pretty slowly. I wasn’t feeling all that great. My back, with its imprint from the water bottle was not happy. I wasn’t feeling like running either.
But I was getting colder, and I knew I needed to run to keep from getting colder. The Advil that I had at the vehicle, that I was going to take for my IT Band, was looking better and better!! I got back into a run, and got by the hikers, but still wasn’t feeling the greatest. I was worried a bit about my back. I knew it would hurt more later.
I decided it would be best to stop after this lap with my leg and back issues. So I finished up at 4.51.

Jim was coming in to start his fourth lap!! Back at the vehicles, so I chatted a bit with him, told him I was dropping, so everyone would know what had happened to me.

The Love Log 

This, according to my 2007 Report, was when the chatter about MMT began.
I wanted to bail after three loops, but Bob scolded me out to finish the 50K.
This is where the Snow Angel pic came from:
2008: This was the year Bob cut his hand open wide early in the run. I remember stopping at the Mill to help a family take a group phot(a young couple with a baby.) This year we did adjourn to Jib Jab (??) for awesome hot dogs post run.

Another 50K finish for me, but Lloyd Thomas completed 50 miles. This spurred me on to declare my intentions for 50 miles in 2010.

2010: I finish 50 miles at URINEO.

But Slim and I have the race 'within the run'. It was great.

The Race I think I was still on the East Gorge boardwalk, or just off, when Slim hollers at me from the opposite side of the creek. He is about a 1/2 mile or so behind me. "I'm coming for you"! The throwdown was on. I yelled back some equivalent of "yah, you think so" and I took off. I thought perhaps I could get as far as the Monkey Trails before he caught up.

Besides, we had nothing else to do in the middle of our run, so why not challenge?

I get to the Monkey Trails and take them as quickly as the slick conditions will allow. I'm sweating, but Slim is not in sight. I go around Pot Smoker's corner and have that very runnable section. The snow has packed down the more technical rocks, so I am able to move.
I get through Slippery Rock Pavilion, slowing down for little walk breaks, but then breaking into a run. I've got the mentality: "he can catch me, but I'm going to make him work for it."
I climb up the mud at the Troll Bridge, and then the little switchback trail. At the top, I pause-and see him!!

 He's under the bridge! Oh crap. Now he's about 1/10 of a mile behind me? I feel like the gazelle being hunted down by the relentless hunter.

Still, I got the "make him work for it" mentality, and I just go!
I run into the Professor. "Hi Rich, can't talk, Slim's hunting me down".... hug Rich, and keep going.

I'm at Volney Rogers, then crossing the road, crossing the interstate, carefully going down the steel steps...still no Slim.
As I turn onto Price Road, I hear this ROAR and now there's a PACK of three (or four) runners, at the top of the Steel Steps!
I both giggle and say 'oh shit' now I'm caught.
Then I decided, no, I'm not, they'll have to catch me. I run up the small incline hill (and mile 32) at a 9.31 minute mile.
I'm pretty much sprinting (as much as I can at mile 32) trying to hit the log cabin before Slim.
Lloyd Thomas comes out of nowhere behind, surprising me.

And I do it! I hit the log cabin about twenty feet in front of Slim. Both of us are laughing and breathing pretty hard. Nothing like a hard foot race in the 33rd mile or so of a 50 mile fat ass.

2011:  With a family wedding to attend, and management details to attend to, I decided 2 loops would have to suffice at URINEO 2011.  I ran with some different runners on my first loop, then second loop Slim and I got to spend trail time together, and then I turned to run with Cam back to the Log Cabin.

I hit a slick rock and almost took a fall right on my butt, but managed to stay upright, but did strain a few back muscles in the process.

Bob Combs and  Bill Losey went over the Hardrock map with Jim and I (and wow, have I come a long way since URINEO 2006) before the festivities got too far under way.

Way too shortly, I had to scamper at 215 pm to attend a family wedding.

Awesome time on trail AND at the Log Cabin with friends.  2012 I will get back to a 50K finish or a 50 mile at URINEO.

Friday, December 16, 2011

His Name is Scooter

 No, not that good old boy in his pick up truck.

The dog. The bloodhound puppy finally has a name.

I went out for my 10K around the block. The dog spotted me from the top of the hill, and gleefully bounded down the hill to intercept.

I didn't break stride. "Come on. If you are going to run with me, then run. Let's go buddy".

He obliged by biting my gloved hands. I told him no, about a dozen times, and he trotted down the road next to me.

Two barns later, a woman was outside. "Hey Scooter, get over here!" she called.

"Is that his name, Scooter?"  She said yes, and asked if he was bothering me.

"Nah, we're old friends. He sometimes runs with me."

I kept going and I guess Scooter got collared because he didn't follow me down the hill.

A nice chilly but dry day for a run.  The wind made it a bit more chilly than usual.  The legs felt a little heavy, but these last two days have been road miles.

Tomorrow is URINEO!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gear Review: REI eVent Jacket

Having the day off today, I was first planning on going to the gym and doing a climbing session. But then I checked the temperature and saw it was 54 degrees out! No way was I going to be cooped up inside on a day like this.

It was going to rain however, and I decided it was a good day to try out my REI eVent fabric rain jacket.

From REI:
The women's lightweight REI Kimtah women's jacket with eVent™ fabric is a perfect spring and summer choice for active pursuits where windy, wet weather is a concern.

eVent fabric has a unique membrane structure that allows sweat vapor to quickly escape to the outside of the fabric No matter how hard you work, overheating is unlikely due to this Direct Venting™ technology And because you remain dry on the inside, the likelihood of an uncomfortable, post-exercise chill is eliminated.
eVent technology works so efficiently, no pit zippers are needed; all seams are sealed for complete waterproof protection
Windproof to 60 mph
Fully adjustable brimmed hood features easy-to-use ripcord-style cinches

I am a big time sweater. When I don a jacket that is rain proof, I generally over heat.

I have worn this jacket just to work, so this was my first time out.

The temp was about 52 or 55.  I wore a long sleeved capilene top, and then just the rain jacket on top, and my hydration vest over it.

So off I went. Lightly misting rain would turn  into more heavy rain.  I got a little warm about mile 2.5, but not overly hot.
I was not sweating through this jacket. This was awesome.  It was a little warm, when I was down on the low portions of the run, but I was not overheated.  When I climbed, and the wind picked up, I was just fine.

I wore the jacket through the whole run.  I think the temps dropped a degree or two when the wind increased.  I was still fine in the jacket.

It does not appear that this jacket is available at REI any longer!  It was not cheap. It was 159.00 .
But if it appears to be a quality product and I benefit from it, then that is fine with me.

I had just turned the music on, on my Zune, about mile 8, and a car pulled up next to me.  In the pouring rain.

"Aren't you getting wet?" the old couple (with their little dog in a Santa vest) enquired.

I looked down at myself and said "Nope, I'm good. It's a nice day out here."

They offered me a ride!  Which was, I believe, the first time anyone has done that.  I cheerfully declined and wished them a Merry Christmas. How nice. 
It was a great run. It felt easy.  I remembered one different hill in my neighborhood, which led to me musing about some other back roads, with different hills.   I did have to run about one mile on the state route, but that was okay.  It was a different route, had not been on some of these back roads in a year or so.

I can get climbing in, at the gym, on the machine.  But I still need the descent workouts for the legs, so I am searching for all the hills I can find, for both the climbing and descending.  This will be another good route for training!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Run Today Respect

So we (the husband and I) took all three dogs to the vets for shots and stuff. We all lived through it, and then he dropped me off "in town" and I ran the back roads home, ten miles.

He comes upstairs. "Oh you're back already."  He's surprised.

"Yes.  I'm faster these days"  I smiled.

Respect is a word I thought about today.  Specifically, respect for Hardrock.  So many people did not get into the race.  And I did.  And I do not want to disrespect those runners, and the volunteers, for Hardrock 2012, by not being in the best shape of my life, and being ready, to the best of my ability, for the race.

Talk about a motivating factor.

I thought having Bradley Mongold pace me in MMT 2011 was a motivating factor.  It was, very much so, but it's nothing near the motivation I have for HR 2012.

I have ten pounds to lose by TWOT-The Wild Oak Trail 100, February 10.  And I then want to lose another 10 pounds by July 1.

And yes, I can lose/afford to lose 10 pounds. I have plenty of fat  around my midsection that does not need to be there.
And the ten pounds past that? Yes, I can lose that also.  Look at Olga.  Look at what she cut out and carved her body into.  So, I think 20 lbs are doable.  But I just look at it, as I do in a race, in small, short increments. One aid station at a time. 5 lb goals at a time. 

It's not just weight loss, but that's the easiest first item to address.

Motivation is definitely and soberly on.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vocabulary Improvement

I have made additions to my vocabulary this week.  Words like:


snow pack




Before this week, I had no real reason to worry about scree.  Or 5,000 feet climbs.  Or whether I could breathe at all, at 14,000 feet.

I think I have finally gotten my jaw to close and wiped the drool off my chin.

I haven't been writing on the blog since I have been busy surfing the web, looking at pictures, and giggling, thinking, whee, I will be the runner out there!
And then more comprehension, with more reading, sinks in.Virginius Pass. Handies. Grant Swamp Pass. Talus. Scree.Glissading. Snow Steps. River crossings.
A quote from some one's race report: "This ain't no EasyRock, this is Hardrock."

Oh my. Indeed it is.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yet more lottery results

I'm way behind on my Reverb 11 musings, but how on earth can I reflect on 2011 when 2012 is turning into The YEAR of RUNNING??

I've had serious Hardrock head this week.  I haven't been thinking of much else.

So today, the MMT lottery was held. The Dow Jones ended down, at 770, meaning 205 runners, numbers 766 through 269 were selected for MMT 2012.

My number was 483, so I am in.  That is a relief. I had already requested those work days off-just Thursday, Friday, and Monday around May 12.

I am running solo at MMT. After getting in at Hardrock, this was a no brainer.  If I can't run by myself and do MMT without a crew, well, then I'm not ready for Hardrock.

In no way to diminish MMT, or my fondness for MMT, it will be a good "training run" and rehearsal for Hardrock.  I should be using MMT as what I will try to reproduce at HR. 

In the last few runs with other friends, I had mentioned my spring running plans, and had also mentioned I really had no plans for the fall of 2012.

I don't really think I need plans for fall of 2012.

The first six seven months of July will be epic enough.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Reverb 11 December 5th Photograph

Photo: Share a favorite photo from the past year. What was happening behind the scenes? What were you thinking or feeling? What could you smell, taste, hear at that moment?
This is a no brainer for me, as you can see, it's also the current header for the blog.  
This is the view from the High Meadows Trail, around the Spruce Knob area of West Virginia.  The pic does not do the valley or the views justice.

I remember bursting out into this meadow, from the woods, from the 2010 WV Trilogy-and being so amazed, and delighted with this view and beauty.

My enthusiasm did not change with the same trail in 2011.  In fact, going through here, I was with three other runners, and the ones new to the High Meadows Trail also declared it was special.

I would love to backpack in and camp out here for a week or two.  I could just sit, and read a book, and look up and savor the view.  The colors, the peace, the sky, Mother Nature. 

What do I feel when I bounce into this field?  Joy. Amazement, happiness, joy.

The Trail Goddess,  happy on the same meadow, but in August, not October.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4th: How My Day Went

 First I did start off with my Reverb 11.  I saved this as a draft post, at 639 AM, as I was then off to Salt Fork to take a few pics and cheer on runners at the BigFoot 50K.

Reverb 11: 2012 Accomplishments:  What 12 new things do you want to do/accomplish in 2012?

Being a goal oriented person and runner, this is pretty easy.
1. Finish 4 Loops of TWOT
2. Finish One Loop at the Barkley
3. Finish and improve my time at MMT
4. Get selected, get the time off work, and finish Hardrock!
5. Move my raised beds to a new location
6. Get to know a friend better
7. Lose 8 pounds by TWOT. it is sad that this would still  be above my top range of healthy weight per WW.

I came back from Salt Fork, cleaned up, and drove up north for a Christmas Party.  I behaved myself until I went to the restroom, and checked my phone walking back to the party.

It seemed I was SELECTED in the Hardrock 100 Lottery for 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there are a few revisions to the list above: 

1. Finish 4 Loops of TWOT
2. Finish One Loop at the Barkley
3. Finish and improve my time at MMT
4. Get selected, get the time off work, and finish Hardrock!
5. Move my raised beds to a new location
6. Get to know a friend better
7. Lose 8 pounds by TWOT. it is sad that this would still above my top range of healthy weight per WW.

I won't be finishing this list today, as I am still stunned and dumbfounded.

My spring goal race, if I got in, was the Barkley Marathons.  My goal (it's still my goal) is to finish the Barkley.  However, my goal for 2012 was to finish one loop-because you have to start somewhere. I have already been training for the possibility that I might get in the race, since the race is held April Fools Weekend.

I entered Hardrock lottery "because I could".  Hardrock is a graduate level ultra, and MMT is a qualifier.  So I sent the application in.  The odds were really against me, so I was not counting on  this at all.  People have been in the HR lottery for years and never get in.

So that's why I am just stunned and amazed. And pumped.

Many people talk about WS$R being their 'dream race'.  Ever since I saw  pictures of Hardrock, that has been my dream race.

Bob Combs told me, if I want to run Hardrock, I have to finish Massanutten.  I did.  Apparently it was all that easy (and lucky)!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and the next best news?  Many friends are also in. From NEO TC:  Slim, Cam, Roy, and Bill.  From VHTRC: Doug Sullivan and Kerry Owens, Steve and Deb Spero. (Maybe more, I'm still too discombulated to look closer right now.)

Okay, so I will post this, with my 6 Accomplishments for 2012.  I'm sure there will be more, but my brain is fried.  In a very good way.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tour De Ashland 1/2 Marathon Report

I signed up for this race last week on a whim. I was curious to see what I could do in a road marathon setting.  It's been years since I did a road 1/2 marathon.  I wasn't even sure about what to do.
I was hoping to do better than 2.30, and thought 2.15 would be a good goal, although my vague thought was 'run under 10 minute miles' and leave it at that.

I got lost on the way there, and arrived with 20 minutes to spare. I managed to get my registration packet, bib pinned on, found a almost unknown female restroom (I was going to pee between cars) and quickly ate a York Peppermint Patty as pre-race nutrition.

I walked across the timing mat, but in just a few minutes, or within a 1/2 mile, I was passing people.

In mile 2, a woman commented "that I have awesome calves".

I did not give her my URL so she could join lurker status but I was highly amused.

I was glad I had looked, briefly, over the elevation map so I had a vague idea of where the small hills were.

I was again amused when, running up these hills, that I was still running a 10.xx pace.

I ran through the 10K Marker in 62 minutes, that may be a PR for me.  (I think I have only ran one other 10K in my life though.)

Since this is a road race report, I will even present my splits:
10.15  took long sleeved shirt off, ran in running skirt and short sleeves

At mile 12, the Garmin beeped, and then it beeped again for the two hour mark, which I expected.  So I resolved just to try and hit my best time that I could.
The last mile is kind of an uphill.  I started reeling in runners.  I would focus on a feature, and then run to them, and then pass them.
About mile 12.5, the girl in the capris wearing a metallic "hula skirt" appeared on my radar. She was the next one in line, in fact the only one in line I could still catch.
I think we are going straight, but we turn left, into a stadium, and will run most of a lap on the track.

Hula Skirt is in front but I am closer.  It's less than one lap of a track to finish. She's still in front.
Do I want to catch her?

This was an email from the fall that I shared with Slim and Cam.  Am I competitive? I don't know. I am hardly ever in that position.

Well, here I was. Thoughts still going around my head, with less than 400 meters to go. Can I pass her? Do I want to pass her? Am I competitive?  What should I do?

As I hit the turn in the track, I thought "FUCKIT" I'm going for it.  I blew by her, I don't know if she even noticed (she had music on) and I sprinted for the finish.  I did not want to get embarrassingly passed back.  She did not respond, and I hit the finish line in a fine 2.11 finish!

I am pretty pleased with my performance. I have not run or raced a road 1/2 marathon since 2006.  It's good to have a benchmark on what I could do, on roads, if I wanted to.

I did take Recoverite right after the race and ate well (a venison hamburger!).  Sunday I will spend going north to a Christmas Party, so there is built in recovery from this effort.

Reverb Day 3 Magic of the Holidays

I decided to "cheat" and take on December 3rd Reverb while I have the opportunity.

I also have access to Twitter tonight, so I just did a search on the hashtag #Reverb11, and randomly picked a reverb for the day.
This was from: Melanie's Day 2 Reverb, that I am using for my Day 3.

Day 2: How Do You Recapture the Magic of the Holidays?

I work in a big box retailer.  Christmas was put up in the store November 1.  We are inudnanted with the Christmas "stuff" for two months.
The Salvation Army volunteers were out in front of the big box retailer, ringing in the day before Thanksgiving.

It's tough to maintain a Christmas spirit in this atmosphere.

But some  years are better than others.  I had decided around mid November, that I would try and adopt some more recent popular culture Christmas traditions.  By this, I mean TV shows and movies.

My Christmas TV shows, that I watch and consider "My Christmas Memories" ends in 1974.  That's the most modern Christmas show I watch.
This would be "The Year Without a Santa Claus" and my favorite brothers,the Miser Brothers:

So my earlier Christmas TV memories were based around just a few specials:
Frosty The Snow Man (1969)
Santa Claus is Coming to Town (1970)
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964)

And of course, the best special, Peanuts in "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

Who could not love Charlie Brown, and his pathetic Christmas tree?  Snoopy, and his award winning decorated doghouse?
And Linus, and his speech what Christmas is all about:

So this year, I endeavor to come into the 21st century. Venture past 1975, and watch some modern and some classic Christmas specials I haven't seen in a long time.

Two classics I want to revisit:
"The Little Drummer Boy" (1968) This was a favorite of mine. But then, it seemed like it disappeared off the TV, probably due to the 'religous' nature.  I have this on a VHS tape, so I think it's  time to rewatch it. And maybe not cry when the little  lamb dies.

My other Christmas favorite (also owned on VHS tape) is, "It's A Wonderful Life."  I LOVE this movie. I don't think I even need to watch it, as I can almost remember every line, verbatim.  Back in the 80's, I think I watched it for one week straight, as it was on  every single channel.

So then, what is my foray into the modern world?

I'm going to watch "A Christmas Story."

Yes, I have never seen "A Christmas Story." Yes, I realize people in 3rd world countries have seen this. Yes, I do know it was filmed in Cleveland and I even know where the house in Tremont is.
And I even know all about the movie, the BB gun, the tongue, and shooting out your eye. But I have never seen the movie.
So perhaps this is the year.

The second movie, is "Elf".  I've heard this is quite amusing, and it seems to be on normal TV channels quite a bit, so that is my way to gain some more Magic of the holidays!

Also check out Leah's Reverbs!

Kimba Runs a Road Race

So why is the Trail Goddess running a road race?

A 1/2 marathon, for Pete's sake.

I  haven't run a 1/2 marathon race in..3 years? 4?

This is the Tour de Ashland 1/2 Marathon.  In, you guessed it, Ashland Ohio.  The course map looks like it just winds in and out of the city streets of Ashland, so I feel pretty safe I won't be a target for deer hunters.

It looks like a pretty hilly course.

I used a running calculator to punch in a finishing time. I would like to finish under 2.5  hours, so how about 2.22?  I need to keep a 10.49 mile going.
Okay, what if I maintain an 11 minute mile?  Then I could finish in 2.24.

I really have no idea what I can finish this in.  Maybe I should leave the watch at home.

I will carry a hand held water bottle, don't laugh at me.  At least I won't wear the hydration vest and several pounds of various ultra fuel.  I will carry one gel or one little PayDay bar.

This should be interesting. The weather looks good for Saturday.

I just have to remember I have a race to attend!

Chip timing and everything!  Yahoo!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Reverb 11: December 2

Reverb 11: What are some things you held onto in 2011 that you would like to let go of in 2012? These could be tangible or intangible.

Tangible comes to mind this morning as I am not fully awake. There is always some weight I am willing to part with. Kind of an aside, I weighed in yesterday, with 41.5 lbs lost.
Really pleased with that. I am feeling good about getting another 6 lbs off before TWOT. I want to have the Ragan Petrie body. Of course, if I want that, I am going to need to mix up some strength training into the routine.

I want to get rid of clutter. We have some boxes, in our upstairs, that have never been unpacked. We've lived here for 11 years! They need to go.

I have started on a book box for the library. I've got books upstairs that I never plan on reading again. The library might as well have them for their sale, or put on the shelf. I've enjoyed having my Kindle, as I can read my book, and then there is no big tome sitting on the shelf for all of eternity.

Which leads me to think about shoes. I think that will have to wait for a day when the husband is not around. I could go through my closet and purge.
There seems to be quite (*cough) a few pair of running shoes in there, but I only have one pair of road shoes and about 4 pairs of trail shoes that I wear..

Will ponder this reverb as the day goes on.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reverb 11 December 1

This year's Reverb 11 is the same as last year's Reverb 10, courtesy of Gwen Bell:

December 1 One Word.
Encapsulate the year 2011 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2012  for you?
(Author: Gwen Bell)

My first thought was achievement, but actually I think "growth" was the best word for me, for 2011.

I think I grew in strength, belief and confidence. 

Word for 2012? That is easy. Improvement.

Want to be part of Reverb 11?  It's now an independent project.  Check out Hope's page here for links, if you need  help on your own Reverb 11.