Thursday, August 30, 2012

Checks Okay

I had the doctor visit with the surgeon today.  He drained the cyst, and the ucky green fluid that came out of it checked okay.  I concurred with him; I did not feel any further testing of this needed to be done.

He also told me the cyst can reform, which I had already known, and I should continue with my monthly breast exams and get in touch with him or my GP if this cyst re-occurs.  And also follow up with my ultrasound in six months.

So ends ugly August for me.   As I returned to work, after my doctor appointment, I took a nice deep breath, that finally seemed to release.

What's the take away from all this?

Well. I am relieved. Happy to NOT have any bad news come out of this.  I really did stay away from Google;there is too much information-of ALL sorts-out there.

It didn't matter; all the scenarios went through my mind. 

I guess my main take away from this health scare is: be grateful for your health.

Second thought is,  DO STUFF.  Don't be sitting around on  your ass, go Do It.  I had to repost laz' quote back on the blog again:

"two things worth remembering:
1) you will never achieve great things with small goals
2) there is no guarantee you will have another chance tomorrow" 

 So go do something.  Hug your dog. Tell your friend you love them.  Smile on the trail. Don't take that sunset-or sunrise-for granted.


  1. Glad everything turned out OK for you! You're right about Google though, best to stay away until you get your own answers from your own medical people

  2. Just checked back and relieved to hear all turned out ok. Happy for you.

    Jay from Raleigh


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