Saturday, August 11, 2012

LT Challenge

I finished the LT Challenge today, in 7.57.  That would be 18 loops, of the 1.75 mile trail loop, for a total of 50K.

I put the word out there on FB that I was doing this, and interestingly, got a few responses of people joining me!  Huh.  Were these people nuts?  I had my own motivations, but really people..

It was great.  Kali joined me, and ran 15 loops with me.  Mark ran with us for 11 loops, I believe.  Brandon showed up about Loop 10 and ran 5 or 6 loops with us. Wild Bill kept us company for two loops. Dan was there but too speedy for us.  I saw Barefoot Johnny and Pepper, on our first or second loop through;  Johnny wanted to join us, but Pepper (the dog) lay down on the trail and refused to go further.

Good day for a trail run.  I thought it was would be a suffer-fest, but the storm came through.  It rained on us for one hour or so, but the temperature was in the 60's so it felt great.  The humidity was high, but the temp stayed low, maybe in the low 70's. 

I steadfastly wrote my loop times down on my clipboard.  After a while, I started numbering the loops, to keep track of how many left to go.  Brandon and Kali left me on Loop 5, and I continued on.

It was good. I had enough technical footing to think about the trail, rather than other things, and then had to dodge around folks.  The loops clicked down.

I was actually startled to pick up my clipboard, and see I was actually on the last loop!  I thought I was on 17!  Wow! I consulted the watch, hmmm.  Can I beat Pebble's time?  (I thought it was 7.56)

Additionally, I was grabbing the camera to get some pics on this loop, since it was raining earlier, I had not brought out the camera.  Now I was faced with, do I take pics, or do I try to best Pebble's time on trail?

I decided to do both. I don't think I can best the 7.56, but what the heck.

I do get some pics snapped off on the trail, and once I hit the Overlook, I concentrate on running.  Can I do it? Can I?  (And reflect also, that us runners are a strange folk, I want to beat this arbitrary number out there..)

I click the watch off where I've had the clipboard behind the tree.. 7.57.  It turns out that Pebble ran a 7.58, not a 7.56, so I did best that record.

Pleasantly tired and distracted for the day.  I got to share time on trail with folks that distracted me from my current problems, and shared my story with Brandon. 

I got Skyline Chili (well I got cheese coneys!!!!) on the way home, managed to get the dogs out for their walk, after my bath, so now even the dogs are tired.

The husband will be home tomorrow, so that will be good.

The 50K effort was a good one. 18 loops of a course is good.  That will be my last long run, going into the North Country Trail 50 Mile Race. I've had an attitude adjustment on this 50 miler in the last week.  Run it. Do it.  You never know what may be around that next bend.  Brandon summed it up well today, with a statement that serves us all well (and me) "I'm just running to the next aid station".


  1. Sounds like a great day and just what you needed.

    And to respond to an earlier post, wear the damn shirt. If you feel you need to mark it then do so, but it's a t-shirt, for f's sake, not a medal. And you certainly poured enough planning, time, effort, and agony into it.


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