Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Waiting

So the doctor's office calls me this morning. They have now found my chart. I dont need more testing.
Apparently the radiologist is "new" and being cautious. That is why he needed more views.
What does "new mean? Like a new graduate? New to this hospital?
I should get a couple of days.


  1. Hi KIm,
    I came across your blog yesterday when I was searching for trail races around the Columbus area. I just moved here from Idaho and having a hard time finding any trail longer than 6 miles or so that is close by. I can;t tell exactly where you live, but based on a few of the posts I read, I am thinking the greater Columbus vicinity. I live in Worthington and run Alum Creek and if i put all three trails together I still only get 11 miles. Do you know of anything close to northern Columbus. I am willing to travel a bit on weekends, but not having access to countless options like I had in ID is killing me. Tnx, Wendy

  2. Hi Wendy,I live about 1.5 hours east of Columbus actually. Are you on Facebook? If you are, friend me on there, I can introduce you to a bunch of folks in the Columbus area.
    Mohican State Park is just a little north of Columbus and a favorite place to run. If you email me, kimba90 at I can send you some links to more trails and such in the area.

  3. "New" meaning inexperienced and hypercautious. I had the same experience as you, only mine was calcifications and not an actual lump. They were super cautious, did an ultrasound and wanted to do a biopsy. I said no and opted for a re-test in 6 months. Six months showed no change and I'll go in another 6 months. If I was in your shoes and it was a lump, I would go for the biopsy. But I have been told the younger doctors can be overzealous. Good luck Kim.

    Caren Jew


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