Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today's Workout

I have been remodeling the spare bedroom.

I finished the painting, and we tore up the carpet.  It was at least 12  years old, as it was here when we moved in.  It was not brand spanking new then either!

 You win some, you lose some.  There were two carpet pads.  One side peeled right up.  The second pad was stuck to the floor, and we had to scrape it up.

I have found that equal parts ammonia and water and elbow grease will remove the carpet pad residue.

 I still have alot of work to do!  Cross training!

About three hours later of scrubbing..

 Yes, the ammonia/water combo worked, but stripped the varnish right off.

Now what to do.  I'm in the process of Googling "refinishing hardword floor".

I'm kind of done for the day.  As I showered today, after all this work,  lathering up my boobies, I felt a small knot in my breast.  I got the husband to confirm yes, it does seem to  be a lump. So now the main focus for tomorrow will be to call the doctor and get an appointment as soon as possible.    Might be nothing, I hope, might be my hydration pack rubbing on my boob. But need to get it checked out.  So that is that.  No more work for me today.

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