Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I decided to get out and run my normal loop around the block, as the weather was nice and cool, and I still needed to flush out some tightness from my quads.

I noticed someone left the gate open in the valley, as evidenced by the calf in the road.

As I crossed the valley, and started up the hill toward the Gump Dogs, I could hear the sound of chain saws and heavy machinery.  Wow, there was a bunch of tree cutting going on in the area.  Hiking up the road, I could see the guy withe chainsaw.  Hmm, hope they won't bring a tree down on the road-where I AM!  I'm sure they are not allowed to do that...right?

CRASH! TIMBER! Down came the tree---no not in the road.  I was happy to get up the road though, away from all the activity.


  Only one of the Gump Dogs were around to greet me, he actually wagged his tail than barking at me.

I guess I was happy to just run at a controlled rate around the block, I finished in 1.21, which is about my normal pace, without trying too hard and also not going too easy.

Road Update:  Road is slipping away more!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spare Time!!!

Yes, folks, I am a Non-Soaker.  What, you do not know what I speak of?  Immediately go HERE, to and read Brendan Leonard.  And either bookmark his page or sign up to get his writings. Dude is good.  Anyways, you probably already knew I was a Non-Soaker.

Since I just had my four day weekend, and "only a 50K" to run, I managed to paint our bedroom, ceiling and walls, two coats.  Then I went off and ran the 50K, returned home, and Sunday was devoted to garden weeding, staking, more cleaning.

Monday I had to go to work and therefore rest.

Tuesday, today, my day off from "work"  I decided to vacuum the kitchen steps because they were filthy with dog hair. Which led to cleaning my plant room right off from the kitchen.

It only became dangerous when I was moving the plant racks by myself.  Moving one of them, a Universal Meat Grinder No. 2 fell off the top shelf and hit me in the head.

Owww. It hurt..quite a bit.  I staggered off to the bathroom, to see if I was bleeding.  Nope.  But my head now hurts quite a bit.

See what happens when you have spare time?  I've cleaned and painted an entire room, cleaned another and gotten assaulted for my pains.

Spare time is nothing to look forward to, folks.  I could have been doing some long twenty miler, only to return home in time to bathe and have dinner, make my lunch for the day tomorrow.  Instead, I got time to spare.  It's dangerous out there!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mental Side of Running

There is a physical side of running more than 26.2 miles, of course, but the mental side of going long is sometimes-maybe always-the more important side of the equation.

The example of a positive attitude is this past 50K race I participated in.  I missed a turn about mile three in.  Another female and  myself ran downhill, probably a mile, looking for markers.  We finally turned around.  I said something about bonus miles.  I tried to keep it positive, mentioning, you can't sulk for 25 miles.

As it turned out, that missed turn was entirely my fault-there were flags.

The course was "lightly marked" and there were two more instances of missing the trail-no markers right at the turn. Whether they had been removed, trampled, who knows.  These mistakes were correctly pretty quickly, due to other runners yelling and sometimes coming down the trail at us.  Also a moment to just shrug and accept it.  After the first bonus mileage, my thoughts of a "good time" at the race had gone out the window-it had already become just a long training run to me.

It was a bit frustrating, at times, to come across another runner either standing there, or running back at us, also looking for trail markers.

One instance was the "bull field".  This trail goes across private property, and one field contained a bull. This was mentioned at the course briefing, and there was indeed a sign that said "bull in field".

We climb the fence, and encounter the other runner.  He mentions not knowing where to go.  We start looking around.   There is one carsonite marker, stuck in the middle of the pasture, and then nothing. I look up, way at the top of the field, and spot a wooden sign.  We then notice kind of a worn path, so maybe that is where we need to go, and up we climb. Yep, sure enough, that was it.

I guess my point is try like heck to keep a positive attitude.

 There was much more road in this 50K than I anticipated-and most of it was gnarly gravel road.  But I kept saying out loud, about how nice it was to have cloud cover, and we were lucky it was not that hot (it was only about  80 and very humid, but we would have cooked in the open if it had been sunny).  At one point, running down an asphalt road, I thought to myself "well, at least it's only a 50K"  meaning I would be done sooner than later!  This could have been a 50 miler or a 100 miler, but I knew I would only be out there for six or seven or eight hours, then I would be done.

Lorraine and I passed a bunch of people in the race.  After our off course miles, we really had no idea where we were in the pack.  A few people mentioned just wanting to beat the cut offs. I told someone, (with this being a point to point race) "no one is going to pull you. Do they really want to drive you back with five or ten miles left in the race?  It's far better to just kick you out of the AS -unless you are hurt-and get you down the trail."  Now, I  was not trying to be mean, just realistic. I have no idea if these folks were 50K newbies either.  But really people.  This is only a 50K.  Nobody wants to pull you. 

Maybe I am being an old curmudgeon and  ultra experience teaches a bit more patience and less excitement about trail issues.  I really did want to test my "time goal" when the race first began, but I did chuck that goal right out the window after going off course. But I still had to get to the finish line and I did get in a nice block of training for The Ring.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kanawha Trace Trail 50K 34 Mile Race Report

It was a bonus miles 50K race!

I travelled down to just outside of Charleston West Virginia for the 3rd running of the  Kanawha Trace Trail Race.  This 31 mile trail is maintained by the Boy Scouts, follows some roads and entire private property, and has been around for fifty years now.  Try developing a trail these days that cuts across private property..

The race started late.  It was a point to point race, and the 50K runners were bused out to the start. We were on the bus prior to the 630 am departure time, and we left about fifteen minutes later.  At the starting point we then waited for everyone to go to the bathroom via the portopotties or the woods.  The race actually started at 751 am vs 730 am.

The first place where a bunch of us runner miss the trail turn off is about mile 2.  But as runners come back at us, I realize it's only a couple of hundred feet back. Ooops.  Watch for the yellow/white blazes and white flags.

My friend Kathy catches up to me (or me to her,) after this first off trail, and we stay together for just a few minutes as we hit a logging road, and I stop to pee.  I hop back on the road, with other runners, and no runners in sight in front of us.  We head up and then down a logging road.  Wait, no white flags.  Is this correct?  I believe it is, because the RD said something about a big downhill with no markings.  Lorraine and I continue down and down a hill.  The others have dropped back (or gone the correct way.)  I finally turn around when the logging road ends.  Finally satisfied that this is indeed NOT the correct way, we now have to climb back UP the road.  I try to stay positive. My time goal is pretty much out the window, here in mile 4 or 5 of the race, now it's become a long training run.

We get to the point where we left the others and look around.  I take a few steps down a rough cut trail..but wait, it's just kind of a bulldozed logging trail, and we're supposed to be on single track.  But I can hear runners down below!  But turning around, I catch the Carsonite trail markers.  Yep, there is the trail.

And it's my fault, because I passed a female, on her right, right where the two white flags and Carsonite marker was.  She effectively blocked my view.

So Lorraine and I were now back on the trail, actively looking for blazes and flags.  We stay together for pretty much most of the run, and I can credit with Lorraine for pushing me to run, as I believe I ran far more without walk breaks with her running with me.

We catch up with Jen, run with her a bit on the road, and then are back on single track.  We cross a creek and find a runner outside a cornfield.  We can hear one runner yelling to another.  Apparently we should have taken a left into the creek (no marker) but we bushwhack besides the corn field.  Now there is a group of about six of us, helping each other out with markers.

Another creek crossing, another apparent trail.  But we are looking for blazes, and sure enough another runner comes back, nope, not this way.  Other runners are yelling for us to go UP the hill.  So we go back to the creek, see the bridge we probably should have taken, and another trail.

I am running without a watch, so I  have no idea of time or even distance that we are at.  There is alot more road than  I anticipated in this race.  At least it is overcast, and not that warm; meaning it was about 80 degrees.   At another intersection I yell at Lorraine; she has gone left but I spied blazes to our left.

We were warned about the field with the bull.  We see the sign, climb into the field, and spot another runner.  He can't figure out where to go. I spot a Carsonite marker in the field, but no good intel on where to go next. Finally I glance UP and can see a wooden sign at the top of the fence line, and see a faint path in the dirt. Might as well go up there and see if that is correct: it is, we see blazes again and go on down the road.

The single track on this trail was very nice.  Not big long WV climbs, but many many pointless ups and down, very telling on the quads and hamstrings later in the race, as we climb over fences via wooden tripods built for this purpose.

As I don't have a watch, or actually even know the mileage between AS, I am pretty happy to hear we are at mile 9 or so to go.  Lorraine drops me here, she must have gotten her second wind and she is gone!

I catch up to Amanda, (whom I have mixed up and been calling Julie all day! Sorry!!!)  who has been in front of me all day after my bonus miles as I am bombing down a long downhill to the last AS.  I am now happy to hear we are three miles out, and another female remarks she could still break eight hours possibly.

Okay! I have had no clue what time it was, or when I would finish.  I figured under seven hours was gone after my early bonus mileage (and subsequent small detours) and was kinda hoping it would not be a PW (personal worst) run for me.

Three of us leave that last AS and she is right behind me.  But I figure if we stay even close, she won't catch me on the downhills.  If we ever get to any, as we seem to climb for at least one of the last few miles.  Finally it seems mostly downhill to the finish.  With no watch, and no idea of the course, I have no idea of how close I am.  I am spun out on a gravel road, and I can see white flags. Okay, keep going. Finally get to the lake, so I can hear the loudspeaker and know I just have to run around the lake to finish.  I see Lew McGrath almost when I get to the finish line (he's long since finished) and give him a shout out. I am happy to see 7.40 something on the clock!  Hey! At least it is sub eight! Not too bad for bonus miles and WV hilly miles!  I finished in 7.49.

I don't spend too much time around after the race, although I would have liked to, but I really just wanted to get home, with all of our home projects happening.

There were really nice aid stations at this race, there was ice cold water and Heed (yes I can tolerate it) at each AS, and plenty of food to choose from, and very helpful volunteers.  Also the dinner the night before was very good, and the food spread post race was great!!  I could have ate a bunch more, but didn't want to get the post race sleepies while driving home.

Thanks to Lorraine for running most of the race with me. Running with somone always makes the miles go faster, and having two pairs of eyes seeking out those flags and blazes was real important for this race!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Kanawha Trace Trail Race

I have a race this weekend! After pondering about many different running options for my four day weekend (Burning River, TWOT, Spruce Knob, volunteering, Speedgoat 50K...) I decided to travel down to West Virginia and run the Kanawha Trace Trail 50K.

I have not run this trail or in this area of West Virginia, so it's a whole new experience for me.  I will be back with a race report on Sunday!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blogger Ate My Post

Back in the day, there was a popular, common Blogger phrase "Blogger sucks monkey balls" because of the way Blogger would eat up and posts would disappear.

Fear not world, this was still 2007 before Facebook and Instagram, you know, the old days.

Blogger ate my post yesterday. And it was a good one too.  Full of pics and lots of self aggrandizations from Thursdays run.

So at least I can fast forward to Friday. I had to run after work; everyone coming in to my work environment was whining about the heat.

Heck, I had already done intervals in the same weather on Tuesday. Now I can live through a little 6 mile jog in the same 90 degree heat, right?

Hah! Mother nature was with me! She  kicked up a thunderstom, so as I left work on Friday, the temp was down to 72 degrees. It was kind of a slow slog, too,

Then I get back to my house, and my husband invites me to take the two healthy German Shepherd dogs on their walk, while he keeps the post op dog at the house..So I get a nice 2km cool down walk..

Saturday the schedule calls for 8 miles before work. It doesn't even phaze me, until later. I remember sending Karl an email, about 8 milers before work, months before, saying I don't know I can possibly fit this in. Karl was fine with this, he said, then run 7 or 6 miles...

One year ago, I would never even contemplated running "long" on my weekend to work. Now, it's just a speed bump of training, and just need to juggle my wake up schedule to get my long run in.

So I get the eight miles in before work. And I guess I can almost count this as a back to back, since I finished the 7 mile run at about 730 pm, 12 hours the night before.

15 miles in about 12 hours, I will take that.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Intervals, Heat, Treadmill

Yesterday I got out of work about one hour early.   It was 90 degrees. Yep, I was going to go run intervals.

I dithered all day on where to go run.  The original plan was to go to the high school track.  But there is no shade, at all.

I decided to go to the Great Guernsey Trail, which is the bike asphalt trail in the area.  It is shaded.

I leave work, and see that it is overcast! And it looks like an impending thunderstorm might be coming.


I start down the trail, jogging. The idea is to warm up.  Well, I am warmed up.  I am plenty warm. But the legs are not quite warmed up, but I keep asking them " are you warmed up? Ready yet? Ready yet?"  But the last thing I want to do is try and run  hard before the legs are warmed up.

After mile two, the legs seem ready to go. I toggle thru the Garmin watch, and find my interval workout button.

Okay. It's time to run fast ( or try and run fast).  I only gotta run 4 intervals.  I get going on the first. Bleh. Nothing great.  But as I hit my recovery time, my legs do feel all  loosey-goosey, I love how they feel, my muscles are just sliding over each other.

Interval two.  Cadence cadence cadence.  I feel I am breathing in moisture.

The thunder starts commencing around now.  But I  only have two intervals to go.

Interval three. I try and invoke my muscles, thinking back to my 5K from the weekend.  I should be running like I late into mile 2 almost mile 3.  But it's so hot. Cadence cadence cadence, I just keep my eyes on the asphalt trail in front of me.

Interval 4. Okay! I resolve to leave it all out there...which kind of fades after the watch beeps start and I begin running.

Only four minutes. The thunder that has been occurring is much louder now. Go go go go go go isn't four minutes up yet??

FINALLY, after 15 minutes, the watch beeps. Yahoo. I did it. Intervals in 90 degree heat.

As I walk back to my vehicle, the breeze from the impending thunderstorm blows nicely around me.  As I reach the vehicle, the rain begins. Timing is everything!


Wednesday was a planned treadmill workout, as I needed to get home for the two dogs, get their walk done, and wait for the third dog to return from surgery.  After last week "good" treadmill run, I was expecting  unicorns and rainbows to emerge and accompany me on my treadmill journey.

Not so much. It was one of those peak at the mileage (I always cover the display) 3.56 miles? That's all?  I've been on this machine for three hours now!  But I finally got through it.

Now I am up, on Thursday, at 5am, getting ready for my long(ish) run, Time to beat the heat!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Full Disclosure

Sometimes I don't nail my workouts.

But you know? Usually I do. I really do not miss a scheduled run.  Ever since hiring a coach, I've pretty much stayed to my schedule. Unless an injury coming on, or feeling an illness or just too much tiredness, I do get out and get my run on.

Today, My dog went (with my husband) to Columbus for his oncology consult.  He will have surgery, on Wednesday to remove two mast cell tumors.  This is his (this dog) second round of surgery due to mast cell tumors.  These are cancer tumors.

My plan was to get home, walk the two Shepherds, and then go run.

But the husband and other dog were already home, but everyone needed their walk.  So my run got postponed a half-hour, until the husband was ready, then we took the dogs out for their 2km hike around the estate.

I don't do well with coming home, and then going to a run.  I typically "have" to get right out the door if I am going for a run.

All during the dog walk, I kept trying to pysche myself up.  And all I kept saying to myself was " I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna..."  The ninety degree weather didn't help either.

So I decided to can the 5 mile run.  

Whoop de do.

At least, this far along in my running, I am not down on myself. I do not think I SUCK!!!! or I am a terrible human being, or I will lose my entire base of fitness, by bailing on a 5 mile run.

It's a zero day.  I could probably use it, since the hamstrings are still a little sore from last week.

Tomorrow is intervals-after work, in the heat. This should be interesting.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

13 Miles, Easy

That was the plan.  And I did use gmap-pedometer to map out a 13 mile course. Most of was on my usual 6.4 mile loop, with about 3 miles with a diversion to Yellow Water Road, and then a little out and back down Beal Road.

I didn't get out until almost 9am.  It was already hot and humid. I was already not digging the run as I descended into the Yellow Creek bottom.

Then, as I am running, this little dirt road, I trip on a rock, and do that scary stumble stumble stumble forward trying not to face plant-and I did recover, and not fall!  But boy, that threw me for a loop. I started walking, trying to shake off the almost fall.

I was busy trying to talk myself out of the run when I found myself climbing out of Yellow Water Creek Road, climbing the next hill, and well, then there is a downhill.

Everything is better on a downhill.

So I talked myself just kept going to make my mileage at least ten miles.

The schedule said, 13 easier.  You better believe I was taking it easy.

I tried to amuse myself on the climb out of the valley. On a similar route, in March or even April, I had a snow squall hit me directly in the face here.  It was tough just trying to imagine that on a day like today.

I started up YET ANOTHER HILL for my  out and back.  OMG, this hill goes on forever. Well, at least for 0.2 miles.  I resolve to turn around at the first side road.  I was supposed to go down the side road, to get my mileage up to 13; I'm not having any part of that today.

I find the side road and do not go down it. But at least now I get to run DOWN the endless hill.  As I cross a bridge at the bottom, I peer over into the very full creek and am amused to see two muskrats swimming.

Not my pic; when they sensed me they took off to the bottom. But just picture a big rat, swimming. That's them.

I actually felt pretty good running across my track/interval section.
It's much greener now!

But I also knew I only had about three miles to run. I was pretty much out of water, I had carried two 20 ounces bottles.

My last mile, I turn  back onto the state route that I live on. My it was hot.  As I trudged up the last hill, I was getting a little dizzy and nauseated.  Starting to get that heat/nutrition bonk. Good thing I only had about 0.1 miles back to my house.

Still managed to get in 11 instead of 13 miles. Hamstrings were a bit tight after the varied mileage yesterday, but still a good morning of running.

Nice Day of Running

Today I headed up north for a day of running.

For me, WAY up north. Almost to the PA line, to Andover, Ohio, right on Lake Pymatuning.

This was for a 5K. This was the Dan Dunlap 5K Memorial. Dan Dunlap was a member of NEO TC, who passed away in 2011 due to an accident. I felt it important to show some support from our club.

Jim Harris and Matt Hanks were also there.

I do not run 5K's very often. When I do, the pre-race always amuses me. Today was no different.

I got to the race start a little later than planned, and only ran about twenty minutes or so, didn't feel all that warmed up. The temperature was a bit cooler too, only in the 70's at race start, so I didn't want to hurt myself.

The race starts. I am now reminded that 5K runners do not seed themselves AT ALL due to ability. I spend the first few minutes of the race moving around much slower runners.

Hit the first mile in 8.53.  Shins a bit tight. But okay.

Mile 2. Crap, 8.32? Now I am going to have to run mile 3 faster than that.

A female with a rather large bottom in blue has been my target since around mile one.  I reel her in. I stay behind her for a little bit..let her do the work.

I pass her. I know she is not happy, as I can hear her breathing down my neck. But hey, now that I have made the pass, ain't no way she is coming back to me. Cadence cadence cadence.  I pull away from her.
Glance at the watch, find the right column, 2.6, okay, time to go.

Mile 3 8.21

Finish in 26.38. First in AG, 45-49.

Happy with that. I was asked my goals, prior to the race. First? Finish the race. (Hey, I don't care, 5K or 50K, first goal is to finish the race.)  Second, considering how fat and sluggish I have felt lately: finish under 30 minutes. Next goal, which I thought was doable, was 27 minutes.  So way good with that.

I looked up my last 5K time (Thanksgiving 2012 5K) which was 27.10!  So I have beat my latest PR time, which is good. Considering my legs were tight on Thursday after the treadmill run on Wednesday.

Mill Creek Park

Since I was already up north anyways, Slim and I made plans to run the YUTC loop at Mill Creek Park. I needed to get some new pics of areas of the course that I had not already snapped; I hadn't been back at MCP since last year, and Slim and I haven't shared trail in quite some time; so a big win-win situation all around.

The Dan Dunlap Memorial 5K had awesome post race food-I had water, chocolate milk, 3 slices of pizza, and two slices of watermelon, so I was ready to go run more once I arrived at MCP.

 I need some more kind of obscure race course photos, since I will publish a blog post called YUTC Course Preview. I realized I didn't have photo shots of some areas of the course.

Slim and I have enough trail time to go over details for the YUTC; details for URINEO; and to hash out where we want to run/bunk down at for Slim Pickins 2013.

There is only about one mile of road on the YUTC course. We ran down this, and were back on the dirt trail which parallels the road, when out of the corner of my eye, we can see some bikers.  Then I was back  in the leaves, and we hear the CRASH and screaming.  First, we don't know what to make of it, but then as the screaming continues, we run out of the woods.

The biker guy has not seen the huge post in the road and crashed right into it.  He's screaming and moaning and holding his quad.  Slim gets him to roll over and nope, his leg isn't broken, but the bruise is forming really quickly.  Slim adivses the other Freds to call for extraction and I add they should bring a bag of ice. Slim also mentions a trip to the ER might be advisable.  Using  up all our medical advice, we return to the trail.

Southern end of the course.  The greens were very cool looking.

Lots of people out and about at Mill Creek Park today.  It was a good day for a run, a little cooler, and a little less humidity.  Good trail time with Slim!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Today I ran eight miles on my treadmill and was very satisfied with my run.

Treadmill, you gasp? Treadmill, in the middle of July?  WTF?

It was my day off, I had tasks and errands planned.  The most important part was the husband; he had his 50th birthday colonoscopy.

My free time started around 1 pm.  Where the temperature was now 88 degrees.  And I had eight miles on the schedule.

And it was really hot and humid out.

But I had eight miles on the schedule. On my day off (off, from work).  I was determined to NOT defer from the schedule. I had the time. I had the time.

Flashback to one year ago..I would have been sitting at our outside table, at our townhouse in Silverton, looking at the mountains, pondering my membership in the very inclusive club I had been invited into, wondering if I was worthy...

So that doubly made me want to get my workout in.

SO I could go run, at 2pm,at 88 degrees, and get my eight miles in.

OR I could run on my treadmill.  I was supposed to be keeping an eye on the husband (he seemed fine ).

I didn't really want to run on my treadmill. In fact, I rather dreaded it.

But I really wanted to get my silly little eight miles in.

One year ago, I was contemplating 100 miles in the San Juan Mountains.  The hardest (and most beautiful) course in the US.  And wondering if I belonged there.

And now my biggest challenge was eight miles on the treadmill.  Not to disparage either attempt. It's just the difference between last year.. and this year.

It's funny how head games play.

I went and found a fan. And changed into a sports bra and shorts. And shoes.

I watched two episodes of "Love It or List It" from HGTV.   And I got my run in, in 1 hour 30 minutes. Probably a bit quicker than if this had transpired at 3 pm outside.

It was incredibly satisfying to nail the workout.

The workout, in the middle of July, that absolutely means nothing, in the big scheme of things.

Except that I kept to my schedule, which was mentally way more tough than the physical, and kept to it.

I feel a bit more energized and enthusiastic about my training, after that 8 mile run.

8 miles on the tread. Imagine that.  Psyching me up.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Calamity Kimba!

I was going to drive over to Barkcamp State Park and check out the trails there, but I was feeling lazy and decided to just go over to Salt Fork State Park and run the Bigfoot Loop instead.

New gear! Yes, new Dirty Girl Gaiters.  Over the past few years, I have "kicked" my gaiters to shreds.  My gait is that I do kick my right foot to my left leg, meaning my gaiters shred over time.

I decided to show you all my quad muscle.  I am bruised about eight inches down. I fell, last week at my Black Hills 100K, at mile 15.  It was a tough hit.

I started on the "Bigfoot 50K" loop right out of the Salt Fork Lodge.

I had just exited the camp rest room, filling up my water bottle, and started down the trail, when WHAMMO BUZZ!!! Something flew into and stung my eye!

So I am whapping myself in the feels like something stung me.   Did I get stung?  I could go back to the campground rest room..then I remember I have a camera on me, and snap a pic...yep I have been stung.

Is my eye going to swell shut?  Am I going to have to run back to my vehicle with one eye? Well, is there isn't any options! The eye hurts, kind of bad. But the eye doesn't swell shut.

Well. there is no real damage; the eye just hurts. I just mosey back down the trail.  The eye swelled up quite a bit but didn't shut completely.

Until I woke up this morning! The swelling had gone almost away, yesterday, but this morning the eyelid and pouch under neath are all swollen up.

Nothing like starting your Monday morning with a cup of coffee and a Benadryl capsule!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chapel Hill 10K Loop

I call it my 10K loop, but it's actually 6.4 or 6.5 miles.

I wore my muddy La Sportiva Ultra Raptors (trail shoes) for my run around the block, since neighbor Dan had advised me that the road was closed, the culvert was washed out.  I was planning on having to get my feet really muddy, and these shoes were still dirty from the Black Hills ultra.

 I get down to the creek bed hollow and there is a road closed sign.  The storm did hit a week ago, and the township crew already has a new culvert installed at the road.

 The cows don't seem to be too concerned.

 I run by the cow pasture, and start up the hill. This is where the pond breached. It was a relatively new pond, has been there about four years.  Yep, sure enough, the dam gave way!

Apparently, with the heavy storm of last week, another pond higher up on the ridge gave way first, which then led to water overflow, and this pond breaching..which is what washed out the culvert in the road all the way in the valley.

 The pond is was bigger than I imagined.  (I stepped off the road for the pics, I usually don't look over the pond that much.)

Then I just continued up my road on my loop.   I normally run these loop in my Hokas. I have the Evo Stinson Hokas, which are the road/trail hybrid. I must confess that I really like the extra cushioning in the Hokas on this muddy gravelled road!

This high banks wall just keeps getting more and more eroded.  That storm didn't help.
A nice little tiny pond formed by the side of the road. Complete with frogs.

Not really abandoned. I'm sure something broke down on it.
Just some views from the loop.  It was hot and humid. I took my time, but I was only about five or ten minutes slower than usual for the loop.  My shins were a bit tight on the first mile, but I had no quad stiffness on the downhills. I just took  it easy and am happy to be re-acclimating to the heat and humidity.  I remember my winter whining in my layers of clothing!