Monday, May 12, 2014

A Hike Not a Run

It was a slogfest today in the woods.  I should have taken the time to drive up to Mohican to run, but I just didn't want to spend the three hours of my Sunday just driving.

I went to Salt Fork, expecting lots of mud.  There was!

 I tried a different trail, the White Blazed bridle trail. While no horses had been on he trail lately, it was still just a muddy mess.
 It was very green and beautiful out in the woods today!  Since I was hiking and not really running, there was plenty of time to look about.

This tree was huge! Isn't it magnificent?

 This was a little uphill...that I kept sliding back down, the mud was that slippery.
 Got in some weight training with the extra pound of mud on each shoe..

 While I was enjoying my time in nature, I had pretty low energy levels.  The slow going through the mud wasn't helping either.  After two hours-and only going eight miles-I called it a trail running day. I had many items on the "To Do" list to work on-effectively guilting me out.
One item I was glad I had taken-the allergy medicine! Salt Fork is in full bloom with dogwoods and forsythia-you can taste the pollen in your throat! 

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