Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Very Nice Trail Run

I've needed a very nice trail run for quite some time.

Today was supposed to be 8 trail and 12 trail tomorrow, but due to the dog schedule, I flipped the days around.

I wasn't really looking forward to Salt Fork, but I couldn't think of alternatives that did not involve at least a one hour drive time.

I decided to park at the Lodge, and run the Bigfoot 50K loop-backwards, just for a change up. The loop gets you about 10 miles, so I also planned to hop over to the various hiking trails to get my twelve miles in.

It was a nice run. I had energy, the mud didn't bother me that much since I was expecting it. I hiked the mud when I had to and ran most of the rest.

I had diverted over to the Shadebush Hiking Trail when I came upon Mike and the three kids. Another trail runner! How nice! Two of the kids were Mike's son with a friend. I slowed my pace so we could chat on the downhill back to the Bigfoot Trail.  Mike had run the Bigfoot 50K and trained on the course.  The kids were doing really good on their first time on trail.

We parted ways at the pink blazed Bigfoot Trail and I ran back to the Lodge. Other than really tight hamstrings (probably from the track session on Thursday) it was a great day on trail-exactly what I needed!

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