Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Track Workout and AS Tips

There's been more track than trails here lately!

I can't  help it.  It has been raining here almost every day. The ground is saturated, the local trails are just mud pits.  It's a good thing I was not planning on getting my plants into the garden until the end of the month.  I have not even got the weeds roto-tilled out of the garden beds yet, and it will be at least next week before t hat occurs, it's just too wet.

Coach changed up the speed work, this time I was doing 400 meters. I have to say I rather enjoyed it-so maybe I am not pushing it enough? I am doing it in the prescribed time.  I guess I enjoy it because I know how limited each interval is. 

The countdown to MMT is on!  I leave Friday after work.  I am not running in the race. I will be working the Picnic Area Aid Station, which is mile 86.9 in the race. Our aid station is open for sixteen hours, from 7pm to 11 am.  Being so late in a 100 miler, the runners will be far "over" the usual aid station food of chips, cookies, PB&J.  We are going to offer much more real food, in several soups, wraps.

My food contribution will be a vegan potato butternut squash soup.  It works for the vegan-vegetarian crowd, and also the gluten-free bunch. It's simply onions, garlic, vegetable stock.  Throw the potatoes in, roasted butternut squash, simmer it till everything is soft, then blend it all up with the immersion blender.    What's nice about the soup is I can make it very thick, then dilute it down at the AS table.  I also bring a few thermos so I can warm up a batch, then keep it warm in the thermos until runners come through, rather than trying to continuously heat up a pot on a cook stove.

A 100 mile aid station, especially late in a race, is quite different than an AS at a 50K.  Many runners will need more time to fuel, drink, and regroup.  Mile 86 is not quite "smelling the barn" distance either. Veteran runners will know they have the two mile-which feels like five miles-to cross Rt 211, then the climb up  Dry Run (which won't be dry this year) for a total of 8.9 miles to the last aid station, Gap II.
I have got most of my gear ready for the trip, I will get the vehicle packed today just so I don't have to do it on Thursday, my next work day.

I am looking forward to a short weekend in the mountains. especially surrounded by my friends that I do not get to see enough of!

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  1. Hope to see you out there. The soup sounds delicious. I love how you've thought it all out with keeping it warm and diluting the concentrated stuff so you don't have to schlep as much weight. Brilliant!


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