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Blogging Selfiebration: The past 8 years for me

Blogher is hosting the Selfiebration,  The Good Old Days of Blogging, What has Changed in the last 10 years?

This is kind of fun, as I started my first blog post in 2006.

"April 23 2006

Joining Blogland

Well, well, well, I have finally joined blogland. But first I have to go for a run before I can work on this anymore."

I had my free website via Blogger. I was a very new ultra runner at the time, hence the title!

How long have you been blogging? What do you think the biggest changes have been since then? And how is blogging still the same? Add your thoughts in the comments—or write a post and link up to this one below!

What have the biggest changes been? I've been a pretty static blogger with respect to design. I finally got my own domain in 2011, just prior to the MMT100 race, figuring I was not really an ultra newby any longer.  Blog designs have really improved since 2006!

There was no social media in 2006. I believe I joined Facebook in 2009, because other runners told me I needed to, cuz that was where all the runners hung out.  Facebook did turn out useful to meet and link up with other runners.

-January 2007 "  I think the funniest 'sighting' was when a runner ran past me, then yelled out "hey do you have a running blog?" And I said yes, and he said he thought he recognized me! LOL. I'm famous. "

My niche of reading blogs is running and fitness. Maybe it is due to a wider encompassing of reading, but it seems like many more of the fitness blogs I read are sponsored posts. I get that,  some of the bloggers are making a living off this.  Some bloggers do well with sponsored posts,  but others..not so much. I will be reading a post about a run the blogger went on, and then all of a sudden they are saying.. "and did you know Acme Acne cream can clean up any post run pimples that you might encounter.."   I did unfollow a few bloggers in the past two years, as it seemed all of their posts were some positive reviews of products that had been sent their way, it just felt like each post was just a commercial.

I remember reading my first blog! It was Scott Wolfe's blog, he lived in North Carolina, and is a runner.  He also wrote well. I would look up his blog daily..and I felt really weird about it, being a lurker-almost felt like a stalker out there!  I think it was his blog that led to me creating a blog for myself mainly about running.

What has changed?  At least with the runner blogs that I follow, no one writes too much any more.

Did Facebook and Twitter take that all away?  I still love to read about running. I absolutely LOVE to read people's race reports, from the 5K to the 100 mile ultra marathon.  Maybe I need to add more folks to my Feedly feed, but the runners are much quieter than the Fitness bloggers.

Followers? Visitors? I barely know what these are now, I sure didn't in 2006 or 2007.   One of the reasons I am attending Fitbloggin is to learn how to expand my blogger audience.

Visuals-there sure has been an explosion of images in posts these days.  I have not got around to the rather annoying "Pin it" button on my blog images yet, but it may happen. Or not.  I have become more cognizant of not using other people's images without credit.

There is just many ways to share content out there these days. I'm slowly exploring some of these, as time permits, like Pinterest and SlideShare.  Some of the platforms I just don't understand, like Tumblr or Instagram.  Instragram seems like a huge time suck that I don't even want to establish an account there right now!

What has stayed the same with blogging?

Blogging is about sharing. People sharing their experiences about a run, a weight loss-or gain, some cool food item that they have cooked up.  I love reading random blogs about people going on an around the world trip or Chipmunk's Appalachian Trail Thru Hike.

Got any runner or hiking blogs to share with me? I love a good read!

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  1. I hear ya, Kimba. I go back and forth about my blog. The truth is, no matter how many read (or don't), writing is how I best communicate...whether here on Blogger or to my bride. So I write...even if no one is reading it. It's my outlet. I try not to get hung up on the "count" and I dare not compare to those crazy fitness bloggers who have thousands upon thousands of readers/followers. Ultimately, if I can just inspire/motivate one's worth it. Do I? I have no idea. It's an extreme rarity for someone even to post a single comment. But I write on...I guess one of the few runner bloggers out there...and certainly one of the few male runner bloggers. Happy Memorial Day, Kimba. :)


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