Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day!

I am happy to see the first day of May. April-and March-and most of February-were not the greatest of months for our household.  Here is hoping May will be a far better month!

It seems that we are behind here in Ohio in springli-ness.  The May Apples, usually up mid April, are just now getting big here on the first day of May.

 Usually by the first of May it is far greener than this!

 Apple blossoms
Dogwood. We have lots of dogwood trees on the property.

Today's workout: Speed Session!!!

 This is what the trail goddess looks like on the track. Not too aerodynamic!!

Today was my first speed session workout, in training for my half-marathon at the end of May.  It was my day off from work, so I was able to drive into town and utilize the high school track. I ran two miles to warm up. It was chilly, about 54 degrees F, and the wind would hit me on the near side of the track. Then I decided I was about as warmed up as I would be, and started on my session.

Not too bad. I was doing 800 meter repeats. Just 3 of them.  That was plenty! I was over my goal by 10 seconds on the first, 4 seconds under on second, and 6 seconds under on the third!  Yes, I don't really know how to pace, I was just focusing on the discipline to keep going on that second loop each time.

Ran two more miles after that, always amazed at how easy they felt..and were two minutes faster than my warm up miles before hand.

I kind of like the track work outs. Or, maybe I should say, speed workouts, since I usually don't do them on a track.  But it's fun to me to have a very focused workout-aka, just two laps on the track. It's nice to be able to concentrate on form and focus for a very short amount of time. (It's far easier to say this now that I'm done running too.)

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