Friday, May 9, 2014

Track Workout and Back to Ice Baths

OR "Speed work equals Sore Hamstrings".

This is what I have been up to.  Spare time seems to be at a premium. I start blog posts, then quickly lose steam on writing, and just save them as drafts.

Looking over my running/training schedule and my out of town visits to the dog, it is finally apparent where the spare time is being funneled to.  Oh, not to mention my one day off work this week, I got both my track workout in, and then painted a basement wall and then my basement bathroom.  My home renovation is going to get some blog posts on its own soon!

Speaking of track..

 Yeah, the local school team is the Trojans bawha ha ha ha...

 Anyhoo, my next goal any race is the Medina Half Marathon on May 31.

MedinaHalfRec2 My goals are: 1)finish the race (always!!!!) 2) Run a 2.09-cuz my last two half marathons have been 2.10s  3) Run better than 2.09--like 2.05.  4) Run sub TWO????

Haven't quite settled on final goals. I would be pleased with 1,2,3.  #4 I would be ecstatic. But, back to the training first.

I've been able to get to my speed workouts on the actual local high school track.  It's always unlocked and us citizens are welcome to use it.

Last week, I started my little "tradition" of wearing a 100 mile race shirt for speed work.  It kind of felt like my security blanket.  So if anyone noticed me running around the track, they could see I clearly had no idea of what I was doing, and I was used to running a whole lot slower.

 I don't seem to have a pic of me in my Mohican 100 shirt from last week!

It's not been very fashion conscious with the clothing for these track workouts, other than seeking out a 100 miler shirt.

What I have noticed, since last week, is sore hamstrings.  Sore sore sore! Not strained. Just sore. I consulted Dr Google, who told me it was probably due to the increased intensity, and different surfaces I've been training on.

What did I do after today's track work out?

Ice bath.

I have not done an ice bath in several years. I used to swear by them, on long runs, especially road runs. Since I really haven't done many 11 miles or higher road runs (a local loop run). But with the way my hammies have been twinging, I thought it was worth a shot.

My track workouts have been great!  I wasn't sure about this morning's workout. I felt tired on waking up; I thought about bagging it. But then I thought, okay, go to the track. If you don't feel like the 800m's, then just get your run in anyways.

The weather was great, about 61 degrees. I warmed up with two miles of slow running, one visit to the Port-o-Let, and turned on the "Speed Workout" Playlist on the Zune. I felt good enough to go!

I was running 800 meters-that is two times around the track-yes your eyes can glaze over here.  I always need my "track talk" in very very basic terms.  The goal was 800 meters in 4 minutes.

First one: 3.57
Second one: 3.58  I find it rather funny that I look for spots on the track similar that I look for in aid stations. " Ok, first curve on track. Next goal, 2nd curve on track. Then, straightaway."
Third One: 4.10  Ugh! I was fumbling with music when Garmin announced it was time to go.  I was also a, tired by now!

4th One- 3.50!!  I went through 400 meters (the first loop) in 2.03, so I dug in, focused, and really ran for it on the second loop. I knew I would be done, just one freaking loop to go! I thought about seeing a sub thirty on the MMT 100 Race Clock as I rounded the last curve..glanced down, 3.50 baby!!

I did my 5 minute recovery, then ran another mile. It's always curious to me, my recovery miles after speed work, I feel so much lighter. I ran that mile in 9.05.  Then I did stretch, right at the track. I bought a bag of ice on the way home. I had about one hour before work. I needed to ice bathe; shower; eat breakfast; pack lunch; and drive to work.

I think I have gotten tougher since the last time I have done an ice bath.  I bit into the towel wrapped around my neck and lowered myself in.  I spent 11 minutes in the bath, then got ready for work.

When I stepped out of my vehicle after my 30 minute drive, my hamstrings were almost not sore at all. I mean, I could still feel them, but the hamstrings were not lamenting loudly as they had been earlier in the week and last week!

I know there is no scientific evidence that has shown conclusively that ice baths are beneficial, but as a test subject of one, I am saying that the soreness in my hamstrings are down by 75%  versus last week and earlier this week with not doing an ice bath.

I need to remember the usefulness of ice baths! If you have never thought of an ice bath before, and are experiencing much soreness after training, consider the ice bath route!

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