Tuesday, May 6, 2014

UTG is now on Facebook (gulp)

I finally did it. I created a Facebook page for my blog.

  I don't know why it took me so long, I just felt kind of "funny" about it.  But "most" other bloggers have a fan page for their blog. That actually makes it kind of nice, I  can keep my private FB page for my private stuff, and then actually have a platform on Facebook to feel free to post more stuff and links about running and trails.

I had been contemplating changing my domain name. I have "" bought, but I plan to use that for a podcast-whenever I get around to that! I liked "" but it was taken.  Sometimes  I am a bit self-conscious telling new people the name of my blog, but hey, the trail name was bestowed on me, I didn't choose it.

So why the cleaning up of my blog? Part of it is I am attending Fitbloggin14, which is a fitness blogging seminar weekend.  It is all about learning how to be a better blogger.  Since I have been doing the blogging for a way long time, I've decided it's time to clean up/polish my on line image a bit.

Where do I want to go with my blog?  That I am still not sure of.  My blog is still "my trail and ultra running and adventures around earth".  I like to share my musings and observations about what I see out there.  What I learn. What I fail at. When I succeed!  I would like people to know that they are never too old, or too fat, or too wimpy, or too..whatever to set a goal a little outside of their reach and go for it.


  1. The last line is exactly why I read your blog. You are such an inspiration and I wish I had half the determination and drive that you possess. Keep on keepin' on!

    Caren Jew

  2. Thank you Caren, I appreciate your comment!!


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