Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Musings on the Way to Camp Hardrock

Photo by Bryon Powell,

I’ve made it to Denver, I’m sitting in the New Belgium Caf矇 at the end of the wing, waiting for my flight to Durango!

A few musings, or brain dumps-I’m too wildly excited to be very coherent.

Two quotes, which seem to go together, for my situation this week:

“Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be”- Fanny Brice.

And the quote from the Hardrock Manual (which I thought was Latin for wild and tough)

Esse Quam Videri

“ To be, rather than seem to be”

“Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be”- Fanny Brice.

As I go out of town to Camp Hardrock, this is a good reminder. Be yourself as you are. Don’t try and present yourself as what you think the other Hardrockers see you as.  Admittedly, I do end up just as myself. It's more in my mind that I "think" I should be something else.

 I felt a bit of a poser, I have to admit, at HR 2012.  People were surprised to hear I was in the race.  (That' didn’t help my confidence level.)  Being the status of a volunteer and pacer, I’m far more comfortable this year.

 With all my life stresses of the first half of 2014, it turned out well that I was NOT selected in the lottery.  It was hard enough to complete two 100 milers in the first half of 2014, I’m very glad I was not trying to train for Hardrock.  Many times things just work themselves out.

The Hardrock quote  “ To be, rather than seem to be” also connects.  One certainly needs “to be” in the moment of the Hardrock 100.  The mountains won’t let you “seem to be”.  You better have your shit together.  You better know what you are doing in the mountains.  You need to be able to read the weather signs and pay attention to the weather.  You need “to be” ready for hours alone, big climbs (this is an understatement). You need “to be” grateful that you have the opportunity to come out and play in the big beautiful mountains.

Okay, time to stretch the legs and get some water for my final leg to Durango.  I hope to do some blogging, and some major picture taking while on this trip.  There should be at least one "pre-race"  blog before Friday.

My tentative schedule:
Thursday July 10-climb up to the Christ of the Mines Monument and down the trail a bit
Volunteer at the Gym
Volunteer Meeting at 2 pm
Runner Meeting (Mandatory for the Runners) at 4 pm
Spaghetti Dinner for the S&R

Friday:  Attend Race Start
Friday: Work Ouray Aid Station
Friday Night: Date Night with Gombu!  (Pacing from Ouray to Grouse Gulch)
Saturday: Find ride back to town from Grouse Gulch

Sunday morning before 6 am: Wake up and welcome Gombu back to town
Watch the last finishers kiss the Rock
Sunday: spend the day clearing the course from Grouse Gulch to Maggie Gulch

Monday, Tuesday: TBA.  Hopefully spend more time on the trails!


  1. Love the musings. I've been reading Daring Greatly by Brene' Brown. Great food for thought about being yourself and much more. Powerful stuff.

  2. Daring Greatly is a great book. I find myself being scared between reading those inspiring books/articles and talking/communicating to inspiring people. Every time I am by "myself" in a life's whirlpool, I am scared to step outside the box. That Soviet upbringing doesn't help, but the only person to blame is me. Enjoy the course, Kimba! Soak the atmosphere!


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