Sunday, September 28, 2014

Countdown to Uwharrie Week ?

I don't know what week it is. We could start the countdown in days soon, as it is September 28, the race is October 18, so 20 days out!

I am happy to say I had a good trail run.  11 miles at Salt Fork State Park. The bridle trails are in good shape as we haven't had any decent rain in a month.  Our fall foliage is going to be a quick one, I am afraid. Then I get to stare at brown until the daffodils emerge in the spring time.

The Coach is back!  I didn't send him any emails, I knew he was plenty busy playing catchup after being on the AT for the month of August.  We've been in email communication and I look forward to having a schedule. As an aside, Karl wrote me two months of schedule, for August and September, free, when he was gone.  I pretty much followed it for all of August. September has a been a bit more free-styling, with the dog situation and the house remodel.   It was much easier to bail on runs when I was not being held accountable. 

I had to work Saturday, which means I had time to stand around and both cobble together my estimated times for Uwharrie 100 and to work on a new music playlist.  Both equally important in my book.  I have a separate blog post planned for "How to Estimate your Finishing Time for a Race you've never been to Before" (hopefully I can edit down that title).  I always try to develop a new music list for a race also. I'm going to be alone for most of my 100 miles and music is a helpful stimulant.

I have started my packing lists for Uwharrie. My house, with the remodel, is extremely chaotic right now, but at least, since I just ran The Ring a month ago, all my running particulars are in known spots.  I am flying to North Carolina,  which makes packing a bit more methodical than driving to a race-where you can throw basically ALL your gear and clothes into the vehicle and go!

I was so happy to have a *good* trail run. I think it also helped my head that the Coach is back also, so he can talk me off any ledges if needed. It also helps that our house remodel is *done*.  All that remains is all the re-organization that needs to be done, which I do want to take my time doing.  We are having guests this next weekend, which is too bad that they will have to see pictures on the floor rather than on the walls, but I don't want to rush my redecorating!

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  1. I love following your reno projects, as that is the stage of our life as well. And I hear you on accountability. Most of the time I feel this is the only (or at least the biggest) benefit of having a coach, because schedules can be dug out or made on your own. It's just a matter how much one wants to shed for said accountability - and the level of trust, and "clicking in".
    I also do my predicted times at work!


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