Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fueling Results for The Ring

This is my recap of how my nutrition planned worked-and didn't work for The Ring.

Start to Camp Roosevelt-I had Tailwind Nutrition in two of my bottles, 200 calories there. I also used just gels for the first 25 miles. I filled up one water bottle with Gatorade at Milford for some electrolytes and a few more calories. This worked just fine, I ate every gel on me and was hungry!

I also took a Tums-500mg calcium about five hours in, and then repeated this about every 4 hours after that.

Camp Roosevelt-it was busy here making sure I got new gels, my netting, and more calories and nutrition. I ate a bunch of watermelon and a few bits of cantaloupe because it looked very (and was) very tasty, but not so many calories. I ate a bit of PBJ.  Did I drink an Ensure? (Can't remember.)

Anyhoo, I left Camp Roo with a big fat belly, maybe a bit too much food in there, but some slow walking and burps got the stomach to settle down.

Eating on the annoying Duncan Hollow climb was an Ensure and a gel or two.

Crisman Hollow-I drank a Cranberry juice here, ate 1 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich. Again, a bit too much food, but the hot sandwich tasted good!

I ate some Hot Tamales going across Kerns. They were a bit too hot for my mouth, but I ate one at a time. I also ate some Strawberry Lemonade Chomps.  I had some Honey Roasted Peanuts with me and was not even remotely interested in them.

At Moreland Gap AS I had some soup, some gingerale, a few pierogies. I picked up my Epic bar here.  I nibbled on this on the climb up Waonaze, taking little tiny bites.

The Epic bar is a bit greasy and it started roiling in my stomach. I took and chewed up an entire ginger candy. A little relief.  But I could tell a hurl was in my future. So I drank some water, so the solids would have something to attach themselves to.

Yep, a few minutes later,  I'm heaving.  The Epic Bar did not work!  The rest of that section, I worked on water and sipping my Ensure. It had 350 calories, and I believe I got most of it down.  This was my big low spot, where I contemplated stopping. After Woodstock, there is no place to stop.

At Woodstock, I drank some soup, ate a quarter of a quesadilla, which was tasty but just hard to get down. I also drank a few cups of ginger ale.

At Powells  I drank more ginger ale, had a little soup.  For the rest of The Ring I had Gatorade in one bottle, and another bottle of Ensure. So maybe 500 calories for 8 miles. Not too good, but sometimes better than nothing.

The Ensure really saved me on this Ring.  The body never got a chance to get cooled off, except at Powell's spring, for ten minutes or so. I believe this played a big part in trying to get food to stay in your stomach, and to be able to chew and swallow to get that food in your stomach!

Things I forgot about: My half-serving of Ultragen, and the Tailwind Endurance powder that was in my drop bag.  I really should have written myself little notes about what to do at each AS, like I do for a 100 mile race. I was brain dead and not even looking through all my stuff in the last few AS.

Items I also tried: beef jerky. A fail for this Ring, but I will use again. My mouth was just too dry for it.

Nut Butter: Also a fail for this Ring, but I've used it before and found it delicious, in the Zion 100.  It was the same as the beef jerky, my mouth was just too dry and found it unpalatable to get down.

Some things worked, some things did not. It's just hard when the temperature of the body does not drop and makes the systems work overtime.  My next 100 mile race is in October, so here's hoping for some cooler temperatures!

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