Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome September!

Crossroads, choices, turning points...
I finally acknowledged in August that the year 2014 has just sucked. I tried to be positive, but the life events kept wearing me down. I had two positive events-my two 100 mile finishes-to be proud about. But other than that? Not so much.

September 1 has now arrived.  The dog's health situation is resolved. The house electrical wiring is complete. We had found a person to do all the dry wall repair and that project is underway. Which means a total house de-clutter and repainting-which can be stressful in itself, but much needed, and I look forward to reorganizing and creating better spaces here at the home.

The heat and humidity will be dropping soon and we will sleep with the windows  open and the fan running. After The Ring I look forward to some good recovery, good times with the 10th Annual YUTC race, and to slip over to the Laurel Highlands for a "Gate to 8 x 2" last training session before Uwharrie.

So here's to a GREAT fourth quarter of 2014!!


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