Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pre-Race Thoughts on the Uwharrie 100

The course is a figure 8 loop. There are only two spots for drop bags, one at the start/finish, and one at the intersection of the two loops, which means I will have access to the drop bag at mile 6, mile 14, mile 20. 

The weather looks like a high of 75, low of about 50 for Saturday-good for my asthma!

        18 October 2014       Eastern Daylight Time          

        Begin civil twilight       7:03 a.m.                 
        Sunrise                    7:28 a.m.                 
        Sun transit                1:05 p.m.                 
        Sunset                     6:41 p.m.                 
        End civil twilight         7:06 p.m.                 

The race begins at 6 am, which means I will start with a headlamp. This is good, as I can drop it into my drop bag at mile six.  Then I can pick it back up again toward the end of Loop Two, to make sure I have a light. I should begin Loop 3 in daylight..but my guesstimate time is starting Loop 3 is 6 pm. It's better to have the light and not need it!

I have a pacer for loops 3 and 4! Her name is Bea and she is a local.  They put the word out via Facebook that there were some volunteer pacers available, and I mentioned I would not mind some company..voila, Bea!

Allison is going to be my crew. There's been a slight course adjustment, so it appears she can meet me at the start/finish, and then apparently mile 12 or so.  This second meet up I was not planning on, so Allison and I will discuss this when she arrives on Friday.

These are the times I have guesstimated I can finish the loops in:
Loop 1 5.15 hours
Loop 2 5.20 hour
Loop 3 8 hours  (darkness loop)
Loop 4 7.5 hours
Loop 5 6 hours

It adds up to roughly 32.5 hours.

Goals?  Finish the Race, always first!  2) Finish under 33 hours 3) Finish under 32 hours.

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